Congratulations to all our winners!

01/01/18     Karen Symons-Ray, Belleville, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by BDO Canada LLP)

02/01/18     Chris Harrison, Guelph,ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by Brokerlink)

03/01/18     Alan Poon, Kitchener, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by New Motto)

04/01/18     Pat & Larry Taggart, Hamilton, ON     $50 Gift Card (The Keg)
(Sponsored by The Keg – Brantford)

05/01/18     Julia McGraw, Toronto, ON     $100 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by Dr. Leslie Laing)

06/01/18     Jessica Sgro, Waterloo, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by M. Marafon)

07/01/18     Elias Nour, Ottawa, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by M. Szilva)

08/01/18     Mary Beth Taylor Racine, Cambridge, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by Spence Print)

09/01/18     Jan Blommaert, Belle Ewart, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by A. McKinnon)

10/01/18     Andre Stanberry, Waterloo, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by C. Downey)

11/01/18     Andrea Carthew, Conestogo, ON     $50 Gift Card (Winners/HomeSense/Marshalls)
(Sponsored by C. Carter)

12/01/18     Tyler Parsons, Torbay, NL     $100 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by The Centre for Sight Enhancement)

13/01/18     Sid & Cindy Carter, Port Hope, ON     2x$25 Gift Cards
(Sponsored by Sobey’s Paris/Anonymous)

14/01/18     Sunny Mattu, Brantford, ON     $50 Gift Card (Winners/HomeSense/Marshalls)
(Sponsored by C. Carter)

15/01/18     Derya Kolcuoglu, Ancaster, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by C. Downey)

16/01/18     Alan Banting, Keswick, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by S. Mishra)

17/01/18     Eden Hagan, Brantford, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by A. Marafon)

18/01/18     Tammy Labreche, Waterloo, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by CORE – Centre for Ocular Research & Education)

19/01/18     Lindsay Whillans, Ottawa, ON     $50 Cash Prize/$50 Gift Card (The Keg)
(Sponsored by Dr. C. Lisa Prokopich & The Keg – Brantford)

20/01/18     Wendy Coles, Mississauga, ON     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by C. Downey)

21/01/18     Marilyn Morgan     $50 Cash Prize
(Sponsored by Dr. C. Lisa Prokopich)