Blueberry and Cucumber Yogurt Parfait

Nourishing our bodies should be a simple task, especially when we are battling with fatigue and pain most of our days. Instead of reaching out for that granola bar containing 100 different food ingredients that are unpronounceable, just make this easy and energetic snack to fuel up your busy morning or afternoon.

You have the ingredients, now mix them up and enjoy a refreshing Blueberry and Cucumber Yogurt Parfait as an energizing morning or afternoon Snack:

* Diced cucumber
* Ontario blueberries (or any other berries in season as possible or organic)
* Plain Greek Yogurt (extra protein and healthy gut bacteria)
* Cinnamon (antioxidant)
* Hemp seeds (for a crunch and Omega 3s)
* A hint of maple syrup (optional)

Recipe courtesy of Cristina Montoya, Registered Dietitian