Fundraising Events

The SjSC holds fundraising events that patients, family members friends, colleagues and healthcare professionals can be involved in. Funds raised will be used to fulfill our mandate and help conquer this serious autoimmune disease!

Join together with us for the betterment of Sjögren’s patients and speak with one strong voice to reach the people who make things happen! Together we will build a better position for access to research, funding and patient education.

Make sure you check here often for fundraising announcements!

January Blues 2019 Lotto Calendar – WINNERS LIST

Our Lotto Calendars are now on sale!  Buy a January Blues 2019 Lotto Calendar and have a ONE chance in 1,500 to WIN $50/$100 or a $50/$100 National Gift Card every day in January!  

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 A lucky winner will be drawn daily in January.  Winners are eligible to win multiple times.  Winning ticket stubs are returned to the drum until the end of the draw!  Winners will be contacted and their names posted on the website.


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 Call the SjSC Office at 1-888-558-0950 or email:

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 ***You must be 18 years or older to purchase***

 Proceeds will be used to support 

Sjögren’s Society of Canada programs.

  Lottery Lic. #M813319