Benefits of Membership

Please join us to work for the betterment of Sjögren’s patients and speak with one strong voice to reach the people who make things happen! Together we will build a better position for access to research, funding and patient education.

Help us conquer this serious autoimmune disease!


Patient Support:

You will have access to an expanding network of local contact persons, support groups and knowledgeable Sjögren’s Society of Canada (SjSC) volunteers who can help provide support, tips and coping strategies. The SjSC maintains and makes available to its members, a list of physicians, dentists and ophthalmologists who are particularly interested in Sjögren’s.


The Society produces a quarterly Newsletter filled with educational information from diagnosis to treatment, hints for daily living, upcoming seminars, events, an “Ask an Expert” section, support group updates, reports on Sjögren’s advocacy, research, and much more.


Members receive discounts on lectures, seminars and events sponsored by the SjSC.

  • The SjSC sponsors informative lectures and presentations from doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • The SjSC hosts an Annual National Patient Conference featuring experts presenting a range of topics of interest to Sjögren’s patients, including how the disease may affect patients, treatment options, managing complications and current research. Exhibitors will showcase their newest products for Sjögren’s patients.
  • The SjSC has produced educational brochures and posters which are available for patients and professionals.
  • The SjSC provides education for professionals and organizations.
  • Sjögren’s syndrome general awareness campaign: The SjSC raises awareness about Sjögren’s syndrome to patients, professionals and the public.
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