Sweet Treats to Defeat Sjögren’s Syndrome!

  In honour of Dr. Henrik Sjögren’s Birthday and International Sjögren’s Awareness Day on July 23rd, we are introducing the Sweet Treat Socials. Funds raised will benefit Sjögren’s support and educational programs, and raise awareness and research dollars for Sjögren’s Syndrome. Your party does not need to be elaborate but if over-the-top is your style, by all means go ahead.  The sky is the limit! Even the smallest contribution is bigger than not trying at all.

DO A LITTLE – HELP A LOT!    Let’s Get Baking To Defeat Sjögren’s Syndrome!

All of the essential ingredients necessary to host a fun, successful Sweet Treat Social are at your fingertips.  Click on the menus (above or below) for each section and downloadable forms or get the step-by-step guide in the Tookit. Let us know what you are planning.  Let’s Get this Party Started! 

Keep us updated and send us your pictures and a note so that

we can share your success with other partygoers.

Email: or phone: 1-888-558-0950.