Before Your Sweet Treat Social

Invitations: Send out invitations early to ensure guests save the date.Click here to download all the Invitations. Or download below and email to as many guests as you like; print off invitations to mail or handout in person.

Don’t have a computer? Contact us at 1-888-558-0950 for invitations.

Flyers: Download flyers:Awareness Flyer – Sweet Treat Social, Sjögren’s Facts and Thank you flyer to display at your party.

Donation Forms and Tally Sheets:

Ensure you have enough Donation Forms on hand for your event. Download a Donation Tally Form to total up your donations. Be sure to send in donation forms and monies collected to Sjögren’s Canada by September 15, 2014. Get your donations in on time to be eligible for prizes.

Send Party Reminders: 

2 weeks before the party – You can send a reminder invitation for anyone who has not RSVP’d. –Download here.

Someone can’t come? Unable to host a party?

No problem. Send them a Sjögren’s Awareness but Cannot Attend card.

Want to Raise More?  Baking Not Your Thing?

You can hold a craft or garage sale, card, karaoke, pool, quiz, charade BBQ or tea party.  How about an “ugly clothing” party or local car wash, dog wash, a mom-to-mom sale, or whatever you can imagine!

Raffle:  Have friends, merchants or companies donate prizes for a raffle.  Be sure to register with and abide by, municipal regulations.  Let us know what you are planning.

Spread the Word

Blog – Write a special post or organize a blog party

Local Media:  Write a letter to your newspaper, call your local radio station and spread the word about Sjögren’s and your celebration. For some media talking points click here or visit our Forms and Prizes page.

Community Awareness:  Open a dialogue with your elected officials so that they will learn more about Sjögren’s, and that monies raised will benefit 430,000 Canadians.