Connecting with Others

SjSC celebrated National Volunteer Week in April and acknowledged our wonderful Support Group Leaders and Local Support Persons across Canada. We hear time and time again how connecting with others with the disease is key in coping with Sjögren’s Syndrome and we want to help to connect you!

“I remember clearly the first time I met someone else with Sjögren’s Syndrome.  It made an enormous difference in my world and the way I reacted to and coped with this weird disease.  Realizing that others knew and shared my experiences empowered me and this powerful connection I felt to others formed a lifeline for me.”  Lee Durdon, SjSC Founder & President

It is something we strive for here at the SjSC Head Office; to see people across Canada experiencing the same connection as Lee did.  We are overjoyed to observe others making this happen for themselves and we owe this in part to our dedicated Support Group Leaders and Local Support Persons. They take time out of their busy lives to send an email or make a phone call to someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to talk to someone else suffering with the same symptoms.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to connect with someone in your area, please contact our Head Office.  We have Support Groups across Canada and our invaluable volunteers are committed to helping you with your search for support.

It keeps us motivated to work at the Sjögren’s Society of Canada, fulfilling our mandate and to make things better for people living with Sjögren’s Syndrome.