Parotid Gland Massage

If a sharp and stabbing pain occurs in one of your salivary glands right before or while eating, or drinking, the cause might be an obstruction (a stone or mucous plug). In rare cases, associated gland swelling can accompany the discomfort. Massaging or “milking” the gland might help to relieve discomfort.

Be sure to contact your physician when experiencing pain and salivary gland swelling to determine the cause.

Additional Tips:
• Stay well hydrated to encourage the flow of saliva through the gland.
• Temporarily avoid foods and beverages that cause the pain and possible swelling.
• Apply warm compresses to the area to increase comfort.
• Ibuprofen may be taken temporarily to decrease pain and inflammation.
• Talk to your doctor about use of a mucolytic agent for 5-10 days to thin the saliva and
allow it to easily pass through the salivary ducts

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