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Legacy Giving

Leaving a gift that lives on

A legacy gift is a beautiful way to be remembered and make a difference to the future well-being of others. Deciding to leave a legacy gift in your will to a charity that is meaningful to you is an important and very personal choice.

How do I arrange a legacy gift?

Anyone who has a will can leave a legacy gift by outlining their charitable wishes in their will with the help of a lawyer. You may also want to consult with an accountant and/or financial advisor for tax and estate advice. The amount you choose to gift can be any amount you deem appropriate.

What are the benefits?

A legacy gift is a thoughtful and planful way to donate to the Sjogren’s Society of Canada. Your gift creates hope for the future and fuels the much-needed resources members rely upon such as a network of support groups across Canada, an informative website,  monthly and quarterly newsletters, and access to expert speakers at town halls and the annual patient conference. Legacy gifts also help fund Sjogren’s research projects in Canada. In addition, the Canadian government encourages legacy gifts and provides donors with tax incentives that can benefit your estate and beneficiaries.

Always seek professional advice

The Sjogren’s Society of Canada is here to help. We encourage you to seek independent advice from a lawyer, accountant and/or financial advisor when making a legacy gift to a charity, as everyone’s situation is unique.

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