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Living With Sjögren’s

Support Groups

Support Groups

A SjSC Support Group is an opportunity for Sjögren’s patients to join together to talk about living with Sjögren’s, learn from knowledgeable guest speakers and network with other patients about available resources, products and services. Support group meetings may be virtual or in-person and provide an opportunity for “sharing and caring” with fellow patients. It is well-known that a person’s quality of life is enhanced by participating in support groups and making contact with someone else with the same condition.

Dedicated caring volunteer members run the Support Groups. Contact the support group leader in your area (phone or e-mail) to learn more about upcoming meetings. The leaders will also provide support by phone or e-mail and answer questions you may have. 

Local Support Persons

In the absence of a Support Group in the area, volunteer Local Support Persons provide information, coping strategies and support to Sjögren’s patients by telephone and answer your Sjögren’s related questions.

Be sure to check out our Event Calendar page for all upcoming meetings.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer Support Group Leader or Local Support Person, please phone the Sjögren’s Society of Canada at 1-888-558-0950 or send an email to: