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Sjögren’s is a chronic, systemic, inflammatory autoimmune disease that usually attacks and damages the salivary, tear and mucous-secreting glands. An estimated 1% of Canadians, 90% of whom are women live with Sjögren’s yet it is often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and undertreated. Learn more

  • Our mission is to provide support and education for diagnosed and undiagnosed Sjögren’s patients, to increase professional and public awareness, and to promote and fund Sjögren’s related research.

“After my diagnosis, I took action as quickly as I could.  I found out about the Sjögren’s Society of Canada and I came to their conference shortly after my diagnosis.  I didn’t know what to expect; I didn’t know anybody else with Sjögren’s.  The support of the Sjögren’s Society of Canada, the specialists who dedicate their time to us at the conference and the people who run the organization are amazing and I have to thank you all!”  DM