What Is Sjögren's??

Sjögren’s Syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disease that preferentially attacks and damages the salivary, tear and mucous-secreting glands, resulting in dry eye, dry mouth and swollen salivary glands but it can affect any organ causing serious complications. As many as 430,000 Canadians, mostly women live with this Sjögren’s yet it is often under-recognized, under-treated and under-diagnosed.

Sjögren’s News

Giving Tuesday 2019

Donate to support the SjSC’s awareness efforts by donating to our Giving Tuesday campaign on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Providing conferences, newsletters, support groups, phone support, a website, brochures and more, costs money. Every cent the SjSC spends has to be...

Tip of the Month

Is it safe for people with an autoimmune disease like Sjögren's Syndrome, to get the flu shot? We're looking back at an article from our "Connections" Newsletter by Dr. Ann Parke, Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatic Diseases, University of Connecticut School...

Recipe of the Month

3 Quinoa Oatmeal Breakfasts Sweet Potato & Walnut Ingredients: 1 cup Gluten Free Oats (Only Oats is one of my favourite brands)1 Tbsp coconut oil 2 cups water 1/4 tsp salt1 Tbsp cinnamon, powder1/4 tsp nutmeg, powder1 Tbsp flax seeds1 cup quinoa, cooked3 cups...

Facing Sjogren’s Together… One Step at a Time

Get your walking shoes ready & your friends together in support of Sjögren's Syndrome! On Semptember, 21, 2019 we will be holding our annual walk in Paris, ON & on October 20, 2019 in Woodbridge, ON in support of Sjögren's. No Walk in your area? Gather a few...

Happy World Sjögren’s Awareness Day!

Sjögren's sufferers across the world bring awareness today to this virtually unknown disease. Share your story with our online community. Awareness is the key to earlier diagnosis, better care and improved quality of life!

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